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Well Wikipedia is back….but…

4 May, 2008 (12:54) | China, Daily Life, Details, Geek | 2 comments

You may have read about my glee a few days ago, upon discovery of Wikipedia being accessible… however it looks like the Great Firewall of China is able to “filter” certain Wikipedia’s pages about topics, that perhaps the government doesn’t like so much. For the listing compiled by the Washington Post, […]

Birth of a Pie, Death of a Blender…

2 May, 2008 (18:24) | China, Daily Life, Details, Food, Geek | No comments

Decided today I wanted to make a Cake/Pie/Some sort of Dessert - “Western” desserts just aren’t the same here…at least I haven’t really found a place that makes em’ just like back at home…However having no oven, makes this somewhat of a difficulty…
I really wanted to make a cheesecake, and found a recipe that uses […]

Holidays in China…

30 April, 2008 (17:07) | China, Daily Life, Details | No comments

Well today is the last day before
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the May Day Holiday.
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In years previous, for […]

Yeah…I haven’t been updating as much as I should have…

30 April, 2008 (00:59) | Daily Life, Geek, Site | 1 comment

As you can see, I’ve pretty much neglected my blog for the past few weeks…Still working on those pictures from my winter break :-p
Currently Im tied up with 8-10 hours of Chinese tutoring/classes a week - usually after each session for about 20 minutes or so my head continues to hurt…Also in the process […]

Yep…Im still alive

24 February, 2008 (12:05) | Daily Life, Site | 2 comments

Just got back into Suzhou about a week ago and had my first week of classes - not too bad….just need to rearrange my hodgepodge of a class schedule
My break was ok - really COLD (was suppose to be warm)…Hopefully in the next coming days I’ll get around to posting my archives from […]


9 January, 2008 (20:11) | China, Daily Life | 1 comment

Aaaahhh…Finally done with grades!  Turns out  its an average of  70-30 ratio  of As vs Bs - I only gave out 3 Cs
Now…besides doing some traveling, just have to figure out what Im  going to teach next semester

Visitors :-)

8 January, 2008 (20:03) | China, Daily Life | No comments


Merry Christmas!

25 December, 2007 (22:21) | Daily Life | No comments

Yeah…behind on several posts, but thought I should atleast show off my Christmas Decorations :-D…

My Charlie Brown Tree (More lights than bristles) - Got the tree for 5 yuan at the local grocery store…the red “glass” balls were more expensive - 7 yuan (lights were free - last guy left em :-D)

My […]

Winter Celebration?

21 December, 2007 (23:32) | China, Daily Life | 2 comments

The nice heads of my Department (Foreign Language) , decided to take us ( the o
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ther foreign teachers and I as well as some folks from the Foreign Affairs Office) to dinner tonight. The dinner was to celebrate the Winter, somewhat like a winter solstice and to also […]

My Final Exam…

21 December, 2007 (21:28) | China, Daily Life | 1 comment

It feels wierd to say “My Final Exam”, cons ide
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ring up to this point, when saying this phrase it was always referring to me taking a test, not dishing it out
Basically I just want them to speak english casually for 15 minutes (Not from a script).  I told them, since this […]

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