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My Final Exam…

21 December, 2007 (21:28) | China, Daily Life

It feels wierd to say “My Final Exam”, cons ide

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ring up to this point, when saying this phrase it was always referring to me taking a test, not dishing it out ;-)

Basically I just want them to speak english casually for 15 minutes (Not from a script).  I told them, since this is their first semester, I just wanted them to get comfortable speaking the language.  I wont be taking points off this time around for small grammar and pronunciation errors (however for VERY large ones, there maybe a small penalty) .  They also have the  freedom to transition the randomly selected topic to something they want to talk about (however they need to do a good transition…not something like speaking about their dream house, then suddenly talk about fishing).

Anyway,this is the handout for my evil Final Exam I have concocted for my First Semester Freshman Spoken English course…

Oral English Exam Questions – 2007, Level 1

These are topics that will be on your final examination.  You and one other student will hold a conversation in English for one of more of these topics for fifteen (15) minutes.  Topics will be selected at random.


It is not my desire that you memorize responses in advance for this examination.  You should merely think about what reasons, examples, details and other such information might be included in your oral response to any of the above given

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topics. You are expected to be able to carry on the conversation beyond the initial questions listed below as practiced in class.  Notes will not be permitted during this exam.  Dictionaries will be permitted, however their use will lower your score.  It is better to be able to describe the word in question in english.

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-  Describe your dream home in detail.  Where is it locate

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-  Describe the best trip you ever took.  Where did you go?  Who did you travel with?  What did you do

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-  What three countries would you most like to visit?  Why?

-  What’s the last good movie you saw?   When did you see it?  What was it about?  Did you like it?

-  What’s the best restaurant you’ve ever been to?  Why was it so great

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-  Describe your Ideal Career.  What led you to this idea?

-  How often do you go shopping?  Describe your shopping habits.  How do you decide Price vs. Quality?

-  Describe your friend

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s.  Can you share a f

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unny or interesting story you had with any of them?  What qualities do you look for in friends

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-  Can you share a funny/interesting event that happened in your life?

-  Are Cars in China a Curse or a Blessing?

-  The money spent for the Olympics, is it

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money well spent

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-  Should students be allowed to get married

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-  What do you dislike about your hometow

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-  If you could be an animal what would

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you be?

-  If you could be a famous celebrity, who would you be

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-  What would you do, if one day you found 50,000,000 yuan.

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-  Have you ever won an award?  How d id you earn

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-  What do you like and dislike about this Universit

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Comment from Yuki
Time: December 24, 2007, 10:15 am

Hey, I am coming~~~
WOW~It is a wonderful place~

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