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When a “Five Days Off” is really one day off

20 December, 2007 (22:00) | China, Details

China is a bit of a weird place when it comes to national vacations/days off…

Besides me totally not expecting they celebrate the solar calendar new year (January 1st) - and scheduling several days of exams during this time (including Christmas day). It really threw me off that they take 5 days off for this holiday…then after some more digging - I found out its not really 5 days off…its one day off….

We get the following days off: Sunday, December 30; Monday, December 31; Tuesday, January 1; Wednesday, January 2 & Thursday, January 3rd.

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However…We have to make up Monday by working the previous Saturday, Make up Wednesday by working the next Saturday and make up Thursday by working the next Sunday . Of course we normally don’t work on Sunday (December 30th) so it shouldn’t be counted as a “day off” :-p

This doesn’t seem all that bad, for the most part I guess its nice to have a solid 5 days off, even though you have to work a straight 6 days prior to it and 8 days after it - It just seems like false advertising to say its 5 Days off though….

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