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In case you were wondering what would flag the censors in China…

20 December, 2007 (18:12) | China, Geek

In case you were wondering what would flag the Censors here in China as far as what is posted on blogs & forums on Servers in China, below is a list compiled by the Washington post … Luckily this site is hosted on a Server thats probably in India - Hopefully my site doesn’t get blocked for this :-p

Keywords used to Filter Web Content - In China…


Saturday, February 18, 2006; 11:11 AM

The W ashington Post obt

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ained a list of keywords used by a Chinese blog service provider to flag offensive material.


buy antibiotics

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Of 236 items on the list, 18 were obscenities.

phone number

The rest were related to politics or current affairs.

Most words on this list can be posted on Chinese Web sites, but their presence quietly alerts editors to examine the messages that contain them and possibly take action.

accutane alcohol

In tests, postings that included long sections of the list were allowed to remain on several sites, but quickly removed from others.

40 drug mg protonix

arthritis cialis inflammation medicine menstrual moderate pain tramadol viagra

como cytotec usar

One site also blocked the computer used to conduct the tests from posting anything else.

how to do lincocin injections

orlistat no prescription

In addition, on most sites, at least some of the sensitive phrases cannot be posted at all.

hair loss ortho tri-cyclen

alternative medicine nolvadex

Depending on the site, filters replace

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the offending words with asterisks or block the entire message.

where to buy antibiotics online

Below is the list. Obscenities have been withheld.

antibiotic zyvox

lescol xl dose comparable to zocor lipitor

6 cytotec in month pregnancy

buy clomid without prescription


Here were the list of items - however  I had to remove the  contents due to coincidental “technical” difficulties - Site failed to load 95% of the time)


…It seems in an “unusual” coincidence, after I posted these items, my site all of the sudden had trouble loading here (In China)…to see these items visit this link to the original Washington post article

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