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Shots & Power Bill…

13 December, 2007 (20:26) | China, Daily Life

Finally got around to getting my first (in a set of 3) Hepatitis A&B Shots today…Luckily I went with the Foreign Affairs guy, and he was able to talk them into just giving me the shot, since I had the blood work done 2 months ago – saved me from getting stuck with another needle and wait time :-D. Now just have to wait for

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a month to get #2, then May for #3….fun, fun, fun….

Walking back to the campus (the clinic, was right behind the campus), the Foreign Affairs guy tells me I owe the school 80 yuan for the p

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ower bill.

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Apparently I have went over the allotted amount that

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they pay for.

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Currently the allotment for electricity is 200 yuan (around 26 USD) per month. The interesting part, is that this was for the first month I lived here, when the weather was mostly nice, and not using AC very often – considering I have the heaters on almost everyday - the pool is now open to take your bets….

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