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The U.S. Consulate and a boring museum in Shanghai…

6 December, 2007 (20:40) | China, Daily Life, Travels

While in Hong Kong, I counted up the blank pages in my passport…looks like I was short by about 2 blank pages for my proper Chinese Work Visa that I should get issued this month (December) – they like to use up 4 pages for some reason… After a quick visit to the Shanghai consulate web page, its stated they can handle

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page additions to passports usually within 30 minutes.

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The Visa office is in a very nice shopping mall, which at first just seems very strange considering it’s a government office …After getting frisked by the security guards & surrendering my cameras & mobile phones, the entire process including for them to call my number took less than 15 minutes!

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Considering to get this done back home is estimated to be between 2-4 weeks, this is pretty fast :-D.

As for the boring museum…well it was pretty boring…I’ll write more about this later…thinking about it is making me sleepy :-p

Pictures soon to come…

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