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Month: December, 2007

Burninated huh?

26 December, 2007 (22:59) | Geek | 3 comments

Well the folks at Square-Enix just earned a few more brownie points in my book…with the term “Burninated”

I guess to understand the “awesome-ness” of this word, click on this link to see what started it all, or prepare for the wrath of Trogdor….

Merry Christmas!

25 December, 2007 (22:21) | Daily Life | No comments

Yeah…behind on several posts, but thought I should atleast show off my Christmas Decorations :-D…

My Charlie Brown Tree (More lights than bristles) - Got the tree for 5 yuan at the local grocery store…the red “glass” balls were more expensive - 7 yuan (lights were free - last guy left em :-D)

My […]

Winter Celebration?

21 December, 2007 (23:32) | China, Daily Life | 2 comments

The nice heads of my Department (Foreign Language) , decided to take us ( the o
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ther foreign teachers and I as well as some folks from the Foreign Affairs Office) to dinner tonight. The dinner was to celebrate the Winter, somewhat like a winter solstice and to also […]

My Final Exam…

21 December, 2007 (21:28) | China, Daily Life | 1 comment

It feels wierd to say “My Final Exam”, cons ide
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ring up to this point, when saying this phrase it was always referring to me taking a test, not dishing it out
Basically I just want them to speak english casually for 15 minutes (Not from a script).  I told them, since this […]

You know when you have a song stuck in your head?….

21 December, 2007 (20:57) | Daily Life | No comments

Well today I did my Xmas Lesson (or to be P.C. Winter Holiday Lesson)….  While doing it I had this song stuck in my head the entire time, actually its still going strong 12 hours later….
It is: “Merry Fucking Christmas” sung by Mr.
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arthritis cialis inflammation medicine […]

Mistletoe…is really a parasitic killer…

20 December, 2007 (23:53) | Geek | No comments

While doing some research on how to carry out a Christmas lesson tomorrow for my English class - I look at a vocabulary sheet, on there is the definition of Mistletoe, the part that sticks out is that it is a “parasitic plant”. That just doesn’t sound very pleasant , doing a […]

When a “Five Days Off” is really one day off

20 December, 2007 (22:00) | China, Details | No comments

China is a bit of a weird place when it comes to national vacations/days off…
Besides me totally not expecting they celebrate the solar calendar new year (January 1st) - and scheduling several days of exams during this time (including Christmas day). It really threw me off that they take 5 days off for this […]

In case you were wondering what would flag the censors in China…

20 December, 2007 (18:12) | China, Geek | 1 comment

In case you were wondering what would flag the Censors here in China as far as what is posted on blogs & forums on Servers in China, below is a list compiled by the Washington post … Luckily this site is hosted on a Server thats probably in India - Hopefully my site doesn’t […]

Yep…it was about time…

16 December, 2007 (20:51) | Site | 1 comment

I finally did it…yep, I finally put something for the root of this site.  So when you go to (with out
index of phone lookup

putting blog or photos in the prefix) you’ ll get an actual page!
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Random Observations…

16 December, 2007 (00:26) | China, Daily Life, Travels | 2 comments

To break the norm of doing my work (in this case preparing Final Exam schedules & Questions) on the couch in front of
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the TV, I decided to go try working at Starbucks down the street.
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It was nice to be in a […]

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