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First Day of Class

19 October, 2007 (21:45) | Daily Life

Well the day finally came… the day when I finally got off my ass and worked for my pay (was getting paid for doing nothing up until now :-D). Yep, today was my first day of teaching… I had 2 classes, or as they like to say 4 sessions (each of my classes is 2 sessions long, each session 45 minutes long with a 10 minute break in between). Yes I know its weird that my classes started on a Friday teaching (almost got pushed back again, as it was theorized to be “Sports Day” where everyone gets a day off on campus :-p … campus holidays such as this are decided on 4 days prior…but that’s a topic for another day), these 2 classes are going to have one more lesson than the others which doesn’t seem all that fair…

My two classes were pretty good – though a bit crowded (40 & 35 head count, was suppose to be 30). The level of English for both classes was fairly high, but I think my first class was a bit more sharp/attentive :-), my second class seems to have the slackers, whom I will pick on often ;-). I started with my planned 45 minute introduction where I make the students write a question or two to ask me, from there I go through each student and make them ask me their question (while marking them on a scale from 1-5 on their oral English capabilities at that moment ;-) ). The second half of class was going over rules & lesson selections. My rules I think are fairly simple & most likely standard:

- Mobile phones switched off or silent (if it rings, they get sent outside with a note saying “Mobiles should be turned off while in class) ;-)
- No talking out of turn
- No eating (drinking permitted though)
- No skipping the second half of class o

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As for lesson selections, I broke them into groups of 4 and giving them time to flip through the book allowing them to pick 3 chapters they wanted to learn & 2 topics not in the book for me to go into detail/cover.

After repeating this for the next 6 classes (maybe 7 if I take an additional one), I’ll tally up the results :-).

Some of my students seem quite nice…some wrote me letters…see below :-p

Note 1 Note 2

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Comment from Sheryl
Time: October 23, 2007, 4:19 am

You should have labeled this post “My fan club” or “I am so lovely”. Oh Dear. The students are already in love with their teacher. HOW CUTE!!!!! Their written English, at least in the love notes, is quite good. I believe hearts are going to break all over China when the lovely and talented Bob Chu comes back to America.

Comment from Bob
Time: October 23, 2007, 3:15 pm

Yes, I did indeed felt very pretty/lovely after reading these notes :-D

Comment from Yuki
Time: December 25, 2007, 7:15 pm

LOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cute freshman~
It reminds me of my freshman year. Our foreign teacher was a handsome British guy on whom many girls had secret crush, but none of us dared to speak it out.

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