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Visit to Guanqian Jie 觀前街

18 October, 2007 (22:39) | China, Daily Life, Travels

Guanqian Jie located in the middle of Suzhou (about a 15rmb cab ride from my place) , is a pedestrian only section of road with lots of shops… Somewhat similar to L incoln Road

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It is much larger but doesn’t feel as upscale - especially when you get that random whiff of stinky/smell tofu or cut durian :-p It has a temple (the Mysterious Temple, it was there before the road was apparently) in the middle of it, surrounded by KFC & McDonalds… ;-) Upon walking around its side streets I also find U-Town is about 1 block away :-p I think I may be visiting this strip somewhat regularly :-D. More pictures soon to come…

Guanqiang Jie Sign Guanqiang Jie Temple of Mystery

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