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Pulled the trigger on a DSLR…

18 October, 2007 (23:47) | Geek

Well I pulled the trigger for a DSLR :-D.  I decided on the Pentax K100D Super.  I got it for around $400 after shipping, taxes & a rebate.  Now I just have to wait 5 weeks to get it (shipped to a sister, who will very nicely file my rebate for me, then hopefully ship it to me :-) ).  Hopefully it’s a nice as everyone says online (blogs, reviews, etc).  I did a major no-no and didn’t try it in a store first (can’t seem to find this model here), however it’s the only DSLR of this size (small form factor DSLR) that takes AA batteries…so hopefully it works out :-P.

Pentax K100D Super

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Comment from Sheryl
Time: October 24, 2007, 1:42 am

My father just asked me if I had any recommendations for him on a new camera purchase. I don’t, but you do !! I am going to share your website and research with him. He specifically wants to take pictures of sunsets/sky scenes. They have a digital camera (don’t know what kind) but the pics never come out like you see it in the sky. For what he wants, would you go with the Pentax K100D Super? Or one of the other ones you were researching?

Comment from Bob
Time: October 31, 2007, 12:44 am

Well it really depends on what he is willing to deal with - DSLR cameras are pretty big in comparison to Point n’ Shoots. You can get pretty good pictures of sky scenes with a good point n’ shoot camera. However if he wants to go the DSLR route, and wants to stick to the $500-$800 price range, the Nikon D40x, Canon 400D, Sony Alpha & Pentax K100D are all worth checking out in a photography store (being comfortable in the hand should be one of the top priorities). Also keep in mind, Megapixels are not everything, 6 megapixels should be enough for most everyone, unless he does alot of cropping & printing to poster sized.

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