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A visit to U-Town…

16 October, 2007 (22:05) | Daily Life, Geek

After picking up my free ticket to an Oktoberfest event (for being an Expat :-p) this Sunday, I swung by an electronics place known as “U-Town”. I was told it was the place to go to get electronics here…Upon getting to the store, I realize it was more like an indoor (4 floors) electronics flea market – which I liked a lot.

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It makes the vendors competitive in pricing – it makes shopping kind of fun :-P. I found my laser printer and broke down and bought a Linksy Wireless access point (my justification that my desk chair in my office/second bedroom hurts ;-)). The Access point while the vendor claimed to be new (and affixed a manufacturer sticker on it when I gave them the cash), came in a plain white box with no instructions/software – it worked when I brought it home (after looking up instructions online), for $28 (in the states sells for 60) I guess I wont complain :-).

Walking around the shops, I find Playstation portables, not only come in Black & White, but also Pink, Blue & Gold…

PSP-Colors After U-Town

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