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Finally getting out and doing something…

5 October, 2007 (20:52) | China, Travels

After my horrid first attempt to go around to see Suzhou, I’ ve decided to try again today.

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Got a little stir crazy again ;-) This time around I hailed a taxi to take me to the Humble Administrator’s garden ??? (though Suzhou is know for it’s gardens & canals, I would think this would be less crowded than Guanqian Jie). There were other things close to this destination; other gardens, museums, etc.

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The Humble Administrator’s Garden ??? as detailed by Lonely Planet China (2007 edition):
“This rambling garden (Zhuozheng Yuan; 178 Dongbei Jie; admission off

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peak/peak Y50/Y70; 8:30am-5:30pm) is the largest of all the gardens and considered by many to be the most impressive. Dating back to the early 1500s, it’s a luxuriant five hectares of zigzagging bridges, pavilions, bamboo groves and fragrant lotus ponds; an ideal place for a leisurely stroll.

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There’s also a teahouse and a small museum that explains Chinese landscape gardening concepts.”

IMG_5008 IMG_5040 IMG_5058

Well, this is peak season, so my fare was 70rmb. Upon entering the main entry way I was greeted by a bio-mass of 4-5 busloads of tour groups (could make out 4 different tour group flags), then what felt like one person per square meter in the actual gardens…To sum up my impression of the garden, I thought it was really over-rated.


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Most of the flora looked wilted/trampled/dying, not much worthy of taking photos of.

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Then again it could be that among this garden packed with people, many didn’t read the signs about not stepping over the rails, trampling stuff and not touching the specimens that led to this lackluster presentation. Because many people have recommended this garden, I might try this place again in the off-season, if I have guests to entertain ;-)


Looking for the next stop – The Lions Grove Garden/Lion Forest Garden ??? – I got offered a Gondola ride by a roaming street salesman. I kinda wanted to go on one in the evening, but forgot the bug spray, so thought going in the afternoon would be ok.

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After some bargaining with the guy – he wanted 200rmb…I dealed down to 120rmb for a boat to myself (about the same price as last time with the family, 6 people for 20rmb each) for a 40 minute ride.

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After getting in the boat the head canal tour’s lady said the boat will bring you back in 30, when I said I was told 40, she said 30 – I gave the sales guy who ripped me off a glare and said ok as

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the boat pushed off.

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The ride was pretty nice overall.

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When I asked the driver how long hes been doing this for, I could make out something along the lines of, that hes been paddling this boat up and down the canals since he was able and that the boat has been passed down from generation to generation.

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After the driver paddled up and down some canals, took a few pictures for me and sung a few songs (will upload the videos hopefully soon :-)), the ride was over.

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Sure enough the guy who ripped me off was waiting for me to offer me more things to do, he follows me around for bit until I do the universal “Go Away” message of putting my hand up to his face and saying “No” :-p

IMG_5094 IMG_5070 IMG_5088

While still looking for the Lion’s Grove/Forest Garden ??? I bumped into a FREE museum. Though it was really small, not that great, and didn’t really have any artifacts, etc besides some knickknacks it wasn’t that bad because it wasn’t packed with a tour group and of course because it was free ;-)

DSC01100 DSC01096 DSC01098

After some more walking around and constant prodding by peddle cabs & sales folk, I finally found the Lion’s Grove/ForestGarden ????.

The Lion’s Grove Garden ??? as detailed by Lonely Planet China (2007 edition):
“Near the Humble Administrator’s Garden is the Lion’s Grove Garden ??? (Zhizi Lin; 23 Yuanline Lu; off-peak/peak Y20/30; 8:30am-5:30pm) constructed in 1342 by the Buddhist monk Tianru to commemorate his master, who lived on the Lion Cliff in Zhejian’ s Tianmu Mountain.

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The garden is also associated with the 14th-century Ni Zan, who painted a picture of the garden soon after it was completed.

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The garden is most notable for its large numbers of curiously shaped rocks, meant to resemble lions, protectors of the Buddhist faith.”

Entrance into the garden IMG_5170 IMG_5199

This garden although very crowded as well, was very good. I just had to wait out between the tour groups & near closing time to get decent pictures of anything ;-). Though this garden is smaller than the Humble Administrator’s garden, I got lost a few times due to the maze of rocks at this garden.

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I would not want to visit this garden after a rainstorm though, many of the stairs & paths that are carved into the rock are slippery from the constant polishing of visitors steps. I guess if you squint your eyes a lot and had a few drinks, you could make out lions from some of the rocks, but overall I thought it was a very impressive display. Since the garden is predominantly rock, I don’t really see how this garden could have a bad presentation day/season, unless some guy came charging through with a bulldozer :-p. I would definitely take guests here to see this one, I might even go again to see it myself :-).

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