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Date: October 4th, 2007

Crowds everywhere…

4 October, 2007 (22:28) | China, Travels | No comments

The crowds/congestion during National Holiday week are crazy… Visiting the supermarket (10 min. walk from my place) during this time wasn’t much fun… It was a very much ‘fend-for-yourself’ mentality when visiting…carts plowed into you, shoving, elbowing & line cutting everywhere…kinda felt like last minute hurricane prep shopping at Publix 12 hours before […]

Bob’s Blog has been resurrected…

4 October, 2007 (15:30) | Site | 1 comment

After the death of my original blog by switching web hosts & several failed attempts at bring back the old content - I’ve decided to start anew… My blog has been brought back at this time to log my year in Suzhou, Ch
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