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Website drama…

2 October, 2007 (12:02) | Site

For the last few days I’ve been trying to figure out ways to access my site ( to do some very much needed renovations/repairs, so as to log my year in Ch

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At first I thought my site made it onto the China Firewall block list, since I couldn’t access it via web, ssh, smtp, ftp or even ping.

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After some desperate head scratching at ways to get VPN access to anywhere out of China so I could access my site remotely, a friend (Phil) theorized that perhaps the firewall blocks by IP, not by domain name…sure enough, a few E-mails to my webhost detailing the situation and I got moved to a new server with a different IP address and I could access my site again!…well via web at least…ssh, ftp & smtp are still out… but still am able to work on my site with all the not so efficient web tools (Cpanel, Net2FTP, Webmail, etc)

Now to let the fun commence in bringing back my site :-p…

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