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Month: October, 2007

Cross Cultural Humor…

31 October, 2007 (00:32) | China, Daily Life | 1 comment

Apparently not everything what we find funny/slightly amusing in the west is

First Day of Class

19 October, 2007 (21:45) | Daily Life | 3 comments

Well the day finally came… the day when I finally got off my ass and worked for my pay (was getting paid for doing nothing up until now :-D). Yep, today was my first day of teaching… I had 2 classes, or as they like to say 4 sessions (each of my classes is […]

Pulled the trigger on a DSLR…

18 October, 2007 (23:47) | Geek | 2 comments

Well I pulled the trigger for a DSLR :-D.  I decided on the Pentax K100D Super.  I got it for around $400 after shipping, taxes & a rebate.  Now I just have to wait 5 weeks to get it (shipped to a sister, who will very nicely file my rebate for me, then hopefully ship […]

Visit to Guanqian Jie 觀前街

18 October, 2007 (22:39) | China, Daily Life, Travels | No comments

Guanqian Jie located in the middle of Suzhou (about a 15rmb cab ride from my place) , is a pedestrian only section of road with lots of shops… Somewhat similar to L incoln Road
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“Finger Licking Braised Pork Flavor”…

17 October, 2007 (22:05) | Daily Life, Food | 1 comment

Not really…More like Salty Cardboard…. :-/

A visit to U-Town…

16 October, 2007 (22:05) | Daily Life, Geek | No comments

After picking up my free ticket to an Oktoberfest event (for being an Expat :-p) this Sunday, I swung by an electronics place known as “U-Town”. I was told it was the place to go to get electronics here…Upon getting to the store, I realize it was more like an indoor (4 floors) electronics […]

Walking around town…

15 October, 2007 (21:34) | Daily Life | 5 comments

Spent a few hours today walking around, looking for an electronics store that was suppose to be near the main square of the district (I’m in “New District”, SND for short)…

Never found it, however I did find a St
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arbucks. It was also probably the best-kept Starbucks I’ ve e […]

Wanting another Camera…

14 October, 2007 (19:48) | Geek | No comments

Yes…I guess you could say I have enough cameras… I brought three with me to China:
-  A ruggadized water/dust proof Pentax Optio 43wr
-  An easily pocketable Sony T-100
-  A powerful zoom Canon S1-IS
I find that
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I use my S1 […]

I love my Wok…

13 October, 2007 (12:04) | Daily Life, Food | 4 comments

The Gas range in this apartment has renewed my interest in cooking… I forgot how much better it is to cook on Gas vs.
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Why my classes are starting so late…

12 October, 2007 (18:03) | Daily Life | No comments

After talking with another teacher earlier this week, apparently (part of the reason) why my classes are starting so late is that incoming freshmen have 2 weeks of Military Physical training/Boot Camp before coming to class.  If they don’t make it through the university, they have to do military service (since the public is paying […]

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