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Got my course material & schedule…

30 September, 2007 (11:47) | Daily Life

Met with the teaching assistant today and received my teaching schedule & course material. The place where we were to meet (outside of the hotel on campus), we couldn’ t find each o

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When I called him then waved to the guy picking up his mobile – he just had this bewildered look on his face of “Who the hell is this guy…”. The words after “Are you Robert” were “You don’t look foreign” :-p.

The hotel lobby was packed from all the traffic as sociated with the upcoming holiday week,

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so we headed to my place.

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The teaching assistant walked in with wide eyes, saying they set me up with a really nice place (guess everywhere else on campus looks about as good/bad as the outside)

He briefed me on my one class I am to teach – Freshmen Oral English (whew). I have 8 classes a week, 20-30 students (English Majors) per class. Duration of each class is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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Class does not begin until the 19th :-D. He gave me my one course/lesson book (around 200 pages) & class schedule. Mondays are my busy days with 3 classes, but have Thursday off…too bad it wasn’t Friday ;-). I am to give him a lesson plan after the holidays.

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When asked if I have office hours or English corner hours – he said I do not have them and I can just leave after teaching the class ?. The downside is that this school has 3 campuses – I live on the main campus, however the English courses are taught at a branch campus 15 minutes away by shuttle…oh well…

I asked him some more details about pay day, airfare reimbursement, etc and was pointed to ask the department head or the foreign affairs office (a.k.a. my contact) my questions…hopefully I’ll still get paid from my arrival date, since they put an emphasis for my arrival to be ASAP…

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