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Its been 2 days…

28 September, 2007 (15:12) | Daily Life

…And no one from the foreign language department has gotten a hold of me yet.


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I’ve been staying in my apartment with the exception to forage for food waiting for someone to come knock on the door as my landline wont be turned on and I do not yet have a mobile number or internet service.

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I went a little stir crazy and took a walk around the campus & town for a few hours (leaving a note on my door). I stopped by my contact’

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s office and left a message with his

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office mate.

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Came home 30 minutes early, and sure enough there was a knock 30

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minutes afterwards, it was my contact.

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Apparently the time I swung by his office, he was making a stop at my place… Good thing I left a note stating when I was going to be back :-)

I told him

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of my situation where no one has contacted me yet, he looked fairly suprised… We setup a time later that day to get me setup with a mobile number & internet access.

Later came and I got a mobile number (the GSM card works with my phone with the exception it cannot display the service messages that are in chinese…well its not like I would be able to read them anyway, I guess the plus side is that this gives me time to shop around for a cool phone thats not available in the states ;-)) & was shown how to get an internet (paper) card. The internet access is good for one month, but only good for one hour increments…meaning I’ll have to re-sign in every hour :-/ …well guess its better than going to the office for internet access :-)

While getting the items above, my contact asked me what I’ ve been doing for food for the last few days.

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I told him

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I was eating take out, etc.

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He laughed at me and told me that it wasn’t healthy and that I should cook :-p. He even gave me some cooking advice & recipes :-) Guess I’ll have to try it now, after being laughed at…

Tonight there is also a city reception dinner for the National Holiday this evening for all the internation business people and all foreign teachers are invited :-) Should be interesting to see…

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