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Getting to Suzhou, China…

26 September, 2007 (15:14) | China, Travels

After about a total flight time of around 20 hours I made it to Suzhou, China.

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Thirty-three (33) hours if you want to include stop overs and driving time, but hey whose counting :-p … if you really want to know the break down ;-)

My Place –(Taxi ~ 20 mins) –>MIA Int’l –(Checked in, Groped by the TSA & Boarding the plane ~ 100 minutes) –> Plane –(Flight to JFK ~ 3 hours) –> JFK Int’l –(Picked up luggage, Sat around for a loooong stop over ~ 9 hours) –> Check-in to flight –(sit around some more ~ 2 hours)–> On the plane –(Flight to PVG-Shanghai ~ 16 hours) –> Shanghai –(zip through customs & baggage claim ~ 30 minutes)–>Find the driver–(Drive to Suzhou ~ 1.5 hours) –> Suzhou University of Science & Technology –(Wait around for 45 minutes for someone to show me where my apartment is) –> Moved In! :-D

Ok…guess I was bit off, it was more than 33 hours….

During my first leg of the flight, I had a pretty good Check-in Agent (Delta *amazement*). He reviewed my tickets and told me that according

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to some international rule, I needed a round-trip ticket to China.

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After putting him on the phone with my travel agent, he seemed a bit concerned that I might be refused to fly out from JFK to China with just a one way ticket,

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but checked me in anyway.

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Because of the one way ticket, I of course get stopped by the TSA to sit in line for a pat down - all I can do is watch my wallet, phone & laptops not walk away from the conveyor belt for 20 minutes…

After getting to JFK, I had a discussion with my travel agent about the whole one way, but suppose to have a roundtrip ticket thing…she said it was ok, and that this airline has a special agreement to allow people with U.S. passports one way passage…just in case I got her mobile #. With about another 8 hours to kill I walked aimlessly amoung the terminals at JFK pushing a luggage cart (with my 2 checked bags that I couldn’t check in for another 8 hours & me being too cheap to pay $40 to have them stored) looking for a wireless internet signal that wasnt going to charge me $15 an hour… After a bit of searching I found one that charged $8 for all day

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access :-D Sure enough 6 hours whizzed by (*cough*) and I was able to check in, and no issues popped up about having just a one way ticket.

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Didn’t get pulled to the side for a TSA search detail either :-D. After 2 hours of calls from family & friends wishing me well & best wishes for not getting detained/deported for having a one way ticket to China, I boarded the plane…

After a not so spectacular flight (Not much leg room, none of the cool ammenities like Cathay Pacific/AA, but still better than EVA airlines) of 15 hours I arrived in Shanghai, zipping through customs without a word spoken, picked up my luggage and was suprised to see someone holding up my name (I was told I wouldn’t be picked up until 7:30 am, my flight landed at 4:30am) It was about a 1.5 hour drive from the airport to the university at tha time of day.

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After 45 minutes at the university, my contact met with me and showed me to my place :-)

Living Room 2 Balcony View Main Bedroom

My place is much nicer than expected :-) … Tile & Wood Floors, decent kitchen & bathroom & has a balcony :-D.

 Walking around Campus »

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